Race Day Artist

Jo Farris

As a resident of the Columbus area since 1975 Jo Farris enjoyed the cultural offerings her new hometown had to offer. Through the years she was invited by The Columbus Museum to exhibit in Flying High, Flying Colors, Arts and Antiques and the most recent Gala events spotlighting Art in Education.  Jo designed sets for The Human Experience Theater and was the artistic director of The Thompson Art Project for two years.  This culminated in a city art installation fostering unity and benefiting children of diverse backgrounds.  She executed public art works for the AFLAC Children’s Department of The Main Library and Mildred Terry Library.  Sitting on the Advisory Board of the Bartlett Center and working with its outreach program, Home Is Where The Art Is, has been her greatest satisfaction. 

Although Jo relocated two years ago, she is honored to be invited to contribute her painting to The Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens, serving these great cultural organizations.